After the first dark episode: A storm in Lebanon: Damages on agriculture, comes another one; a darker one. This one is called: Sabotage.

Last night, while everyone was sleeping, someone or a group of people (yet to know who) came to steal our agricultural project. He/they took all the “skouret el may” those small liaisons with the main water pipeline (water regulators) leaving the whole project without water to eventually dry out and die. There are hundreds of these regulators and it takes 3 days to install them all. The metal parts were taken, the plastic ones were left on the ground.

In 24 years of work, this never happened. This agricultural project is a source of revenue for the family and every person working in it. (The workers’ salaries depend from it directly as an incentive.) Who did this? Why? How can we protect ourselves? All questions the investigation will have to answer now.

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