Dancing Tango with my umbrella, Rome, Italy

Rome is a very lively city. During the carnival, everybody would go out disguised with their children on the streets to watch the Carnevale Romano. An amazing show, really. But this was also a great opportunity for streets artists to get more attention. One of them, a woman who danced tango with her umbrella. The idea was so original that the crowd gathered around her to watch her dance.

You can also find these photos in the Carnevale Romano 2011 album on Flickr.

5 thoughts on “Dancing Tango with my umbrella, Rome, Italy

  1. Hi Rita,

    I stumbled onto your site after poking around for European destinations for a hopefully upcoming vacation. This looks like a fun time! I agree, GREAT photos.

    Thanks for sharing! Hopefully we can make it to Rome and check this out.
    ps. I keep thinking I want to learn tango…. I don’t know if my first partner should be an umbrella though! haha

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