Meet a photographer: Betty Ketchedjian

Betty Ketchedjian in a shutter click

Betty Ketchedjian. Born on 23-Sept-1988 and lives in Lebanon.

Main camera: Canon 5D mark II , which I recently got. Before, my main camera was Canon 450D.
Main lens: Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, though I really enjoy shooting with my 50mm f/1.8 lens
Post-processing software: Photoshop CS5.
Favorite lighting: Natural light would be my favorite, though I like to incorporate studio strobes with natural lighting, especially during on location shoots.
Favorite time to make photographs: As the cliché saying goes, I like shooting during the golden hour.

Golden Hour

Favorite season to make photographs: No favorite season, though the least favorite would definitely be during winter.
Favorite mood while making photographs: Each mood gives a different type of picture and I enjoy the varied outcomes.
Favorite music while making photographs: I don’t listen to music while taking pictures, but if singing counts, I sing random songs during shoots (not all the time) and make fun of things to lighten the models’ moods and make them comfortable.
Your dream equipment: Since I recently got my Canon 5D mark 2, I think that for now, I have what I want 🙂
Favorite photographer: I have a few photographers whose work I really enjoy. Lara Jade would be my current favorite photographer.
Favorite quote related to photography: “Having a camera makes you no more a photographer than having a hammer and some nails makes you a carpenter”- Claude Adams.

Betty Ketchedjian, portrait photographer

Why photography? What do you hope to achieve?
It all started with me getting a point and shoot camera 7 years ago. I started shooting nature and random things around me and with the progression of time – I really don’t know how- I found myself drawn to portraiture and capturing people’s emotions. Now, all I want to do is capture unique pictures of people in different situations, conveying different feelings. It’s a passion and not doing it would be as difficult for me as not eating/breathing/sleeping.

Which photograph do you consider reflects your love to try something new?

The Sorcerer

Actually, I’ve tried a bunch of different techniques in photography to see how I can come up with unique results. This photograph: “The Sorcerer” is my newest addition to this category. I love this picture because of many things, one of them is that the model is my brother.  Also, the idea of using something as simple as powder and flash can yield this result. It’s a picture about power and control.

Which photograph do you consider is a story of loneliness?

Your trace lingers

I actually did a series about loss and loneliness and from that series I chose this picture. I was passing through a lonely phase in my life and wanted to put the emotions I felt into pictures, so I could share my feelings with the world. The scenario of my loneliness and the scenario of the picture might be different, but the emotions conveyed are the same.

What style attracts you most? Why?

Jubilance of Youth

I’m attracted to portraiture, and in particular vintage style sun-bathed pictures. I love how those pictures provoke feelings of happiness, warmth, and generally make you nostalgic.

How far do you go with post processing?
Depending what I want to achieve from a picture or the concept I want to convey, I either do a slight color/level tweaking or do a larger processing like photo manipulation, or vintage processing. What I NEVER do is process a person into looking like plastic!

What motivates you to grab the camera and go make a photograph?
Usually, I would have an idea in my head I really want to create; so that would be my motive, and some other times when viewing tons of pictures of other great photographers online, I feel motivated to go out and create a piece of art.

Tell us about a weird thing you do or a weird habit you have before a photoshoot:
Well, I don’t think I have a weird habit I do, but a day (or more) before a shoot, I look at pictures online with the same theme to broaden my horizons and be in the mood for what I have to be shooting.

Describe your feelings during a photoshoot:
My feelings are of pure joy during a shoot. When I’m shooting and I capture a particular shot that’s new and different , I get this weird thrill in me, sort of telling me what I just captured is a keeper.

How do you go about making a difference between photography for work and photography for pleasure?
Well, the excitement I have is the same when shooting a paid job, or when shooting a personal project. The difference would be in the preparation most probably. When I’m shooting a paid job like a wedding or engagement, I don’t have full control of everything going on, like clothes/hair/make up/location. But when shooting a personal photoshoot, I take care of all the details from clothing to hair to location to accessories, to have the best outcome.

Ethically, what are your limits in photography?
I won’t compromise my integrity and beliefs to achieve success in the photography business. That being said, ethically in photography, nothing is black and white, so the intention of the picture is also important in deciding whether or not I shoot it.

3 tips / advice to other photographers:

  1. Never be discouraged or compare yourself to other photographers.
  2. Have a sketchbook/ idea book with you at all times, you never know when inspiration might come.
  3. Narrow down the types of photography you enjoy doing. You can’t be the best in all types of photography. Narrow it down and then focus your energy into being your best in that!


  • I recently participated in an art exhibition for the opening of Mouth Arts Beirut- an art school in Gemmayze from 13-15 March 2011.
  • I also did slideshows of my photographs for 2 songs that were performed at the concert of the Armenian band Mihr on 6 February 2010.

How can we stay updated with your work?

ritakml picks 5 photos

Crouching tigress


Thing called Love

Cry of the werewolf

Nature’s embrace


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