Video de la semaine

Video de la semaine is a post written by Ali Seiffedine on Seif and his Beiruti adventures.

I am still determined to talk about Lebanon and Lebanese women taking active roles in society – no matter how small or large the role may be. I came across a video of a very inspirational Lebanese tweep – who I simply adore. You know, the awesome and uber-talented @ritakml . Still don’t know who? Maybe her iconic shaved head will ring a bell.

For those of you who don’t know, Rita shaved her hair off  in order to raise awareness & encourage hair donation for cancer. The move is not short of heroic – not only because her hair will make the life of a cancer patient easier, but because come’on how many women in a Middle Eastern society have the courage to walk around bald! Very few I am sure.

So here is her interview [which is in Lebanese and without subtitles] – a very awesome one may I add. Check it out, and if your on Twitter give her a follow or shout out!

[For the sake of this post I want you to check out some more awesome Lebanese ladies, who make an impact on Twitter and on the Lebanese blogosphere! They are as follows, in no specific order: @abzzyy@sdarine ,@shanty2 , @zmasri@sarahkaram1@Pazuzu_hsp@Funkyozzi @LebaneseVoices , @octavianasr,@mich1mich and @MaryLebanese – to name a few VERY inspirational Lebanese women!]

The video:

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