Dear Nemr Abou Nassar,

Congratulations for EPIC, the show of the year! I’m not going to write an endless post about how big your muscles are nor about how you ripped your pants on stage.

All I want to say is: Thank You! Thank you for the laughs, for a wonderful performance and for being such a great friend as well. Stand-up has never been better in the region. Wishing you all the best. (That’s what she said.)

Long message ripped too, more than 280 EPIC men and women agreed to join me for an EPIC surprise. (What the hell is she talking about?)

Well, it’s very simple! Before & after the show, I would come forth to people and tell them, and explain, and blablabla, and yada yada what I intend to do. (Get to the point woman!) OK, OK! Here it is:

YOU make US laugh. Now, it’s time for US to make YOU laugh!

Oh, before I show you what I mean, let me say one more thing to the EPIC people: Thank YOU for being EPIC and for helping me out to do this!!

As you always say: ONE LOVE!

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