Gelish, a revolution in the nail polishing world?

When I last went to my nail technician, I was ranting about nail polish. It never really lasts, it takes time to dry, it goes off too easily etc.. I was not found of the alternatives either: Fake nails, acrylic etc…

That’s when she introduced me to Gelish, a new nail polish product from Nail Harmony. “This product is a revolution by itself! It lasts 3weeks, helps your nails grow and it makes them harder!”, she said. I was still skeptical. If that thing lasts more than 2 hours on my nails it would be a winner.

The products are expensive; around $30 a bottle. (Besides the color, you need the base, the top coat, the UV machine etc…) The nail technicians are pricing manicures using this product starting $20. (In Lebanon)

I thought since I was traveling in a few days, why not give it a try? The technique was different than a regular nail polish. This one included drying the nails under UV light every time a coat was applied. It took around 30 minutes to do both hands. The nail technician warned me not to try to take it off by myself because I risked ruining my nails. There is also a way to take the product off.

To take them off she will need to rough the nail polish up (to break the top coat) , soak a cotton ball in acetone and wrap it over the polish with a piece of aluminum foil and leave it for 10 minutes.  She will then scrape it off  gently with a cuticle pusher. (Forcing would damage the nail bed).

This product is not for the girls who like to change color every week but for the ones who don’t have time to get a nail polish every week, prefer to go through that hassle once a month and have trouble keeping their nail polish on for more than few hours/days due to their lifestyle.

I loved the fact that it was already dry on my way out. Now I’m counting the days to see how long it will last!

Girls, have you already tried it? What do you think?


Gelish gave up after a week! The nail polish did not resist to the high temperatures of India. (We are talking 42C here) I just took it off and the process was quite harsh.

I decided to stick to the normal nail polish!

4 thoughts on “Gelish, a revolution in the nail polishing world?

  1. i’m currently wearing a permanent french manucure. so far, it’s lasting and i went to the salon 2 weeks ago! i had to go through everything, just like you: uv, base, top coat…
    anw here, in france, it costs 45euros so it’s shway expensive but it’s really worth it!
    i wouldn’t do it this summer cause i like changing colors every week and it costs nearly nothing in leb but for now, in my exams period, the permanent manucure is just perfect!

    • 45 Euros!! Whaatt!!
      I appreciate keeping my REAL nails and make them look presentable for a longer time while I’m busy with more important things 🙂 I’m not a weekly color changer, as long as they look clean and for me! 🙂

  2. I think that is expensive but worth it. The polish is very great outcome. I like changing colors every week and it costs nearly nothing in leb but for now. Thank you.

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