Gearing up for India

As I’m packing and waiting for my cab to come and pick me up, I thought I’d write a little post to let prepare you for the new kind of posts that will be coming up on this blog.

I’m leaving for India tonight for a 2 week adventure. The main purpose of the visit is to attend a friend’s wedding. This is will the first unplanned trip after Paris, France and Rome, Italy.

This time, I decided to “go with the flow” and take a break a break from the OCD planning and organizing behavior. This time, I have no idea what to expect and preferred to do things differently.

Photography became a part of me between the Paris & Rome trip. I discovered a lot and I learned a lot. Being part of Beirut Street Photographers also is a continuous enriching experience too. That’s what I will be taking with me to India: my love for photography, especially street!

After much discussion with readers and friends on Twitter and Facebook I decided that I’ll be traveling with:

  • Nikon D7000
  • 50mm F/1.8
  • 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6
  • Circular Polarizer

I will not be editing nor uploading photos on-site since it will not be practical and it will take too much time. (Although the internet is better anywhere than in Lebanon, that for sure!)

The main luggage is half filled. I’m going to travel light and give myself the opportunity to go and shop in local markets, meet new people and try local indian products.

The flight will take 11 hours, so I will get there the morning after. If I do not fall asleep, I will be writing a wrap up post about the experience in Rome on Street Talks, the blog of Beirut Street Photographers.

What I will be doing before/during/after the trip concerning this experience:

  • Tweeting the hash tag #rkindia
  • Writing about the the experience on this blog as well as on Street Talks
  • Posting unedited pictures from my phone on my Twitpic account
  • Posting edited pictures on my Flickr account (They could be linked to posts on the blog too)
  • Uploading videos on my Youtube channel

So, to keep up with all the news feel free to do one or more of the following:

  • Follow me on Twitter for the tweets
  • Like‘s Facebook page for all the updates on the news feed
  • Subscribe to my blog for all the updates via RSS or e-mail (check the column on the right of the blog)
  • Add me on Flickr for the edited photos
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel for the videos
  • Join the Beirut Street Photographers‘ Facebook Page for street photography related updates
  • Subscribe to Street Talks, the Beirut Street Photographers’ Blog via RSS for street photography related posts

I also asked about the kind of pictures people would like to see. A question to which I received all kind of answers. So, in this regards, I will be making photographs of anything that CATCHES my eye.

My aim is to keep it interactive, take you with me on the trip and provide you with fresh insight. I will do my best to avoid the kind of information that is already available in travel books and on the internet. (What’s the point, right?)

If you have comments, suggestions, tips, advice concerning this trip do not hesitate to leave a comment below! (Regular comment or using your Facebook account.)


  • Wikipedia for the image

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