Meet a photographer: Orlando Uy

Orlando Uy in a shutter click

Orlando Uy. Born on 10-Oct-1971 and lives in the Philippines.

Main camera: Canon EOS 450D.
Main lens: Canon EF-S 17-55 f/2.8
Post-processing software: Adobe Lightroom.
Favorite lighting: Natural light referably during mid-morning.
Favorite time to make photographs: Late afternoons.  It’s during this time that people are more relaxed.
Favorite season to make photographs: Over here, we only have two seasons: Wet and Very Wet.  I love taking photos in the rain.
Favorite mood while making photographs: When I have too many thoughts running in my head.  Photography is an escape.
Favorite music while making photographs: “Thank You” by Dido.
Your dream equipment: A medium format digital camera.
Favorite photographer: None in particular; I just admire great photos
Favorite quote related to photography: “Any monkey can press the shutter button” as said by my mentor and friend Dave Fowler, emphasizing on the importance of composition in a photograph.

Orlando Uy, street photographer

Why photography? What do you hope to achieve?
Photography is a way for me to show others what I see and how I feel. Is world peace through photography possible?  Hahaha.  My hope is that everyone will learn to respect everybody else and try to see things from the other’s point of view.

Which photograph do you consider is a capture of an unexpected encounter reflecting the spirit of the Philippines?

I saw these kids playing in the rain along the side of the road while I was driving.  I stopped a distance down the road and started shooting from across the street.  The scene depicted of pure joy as both of them happily played in the rain without a care in the world and welcomed every splash made by passing cars.  I was lost in the moment and was happy for them. Their expressions captured in this photograph are priceless. Filipinos are generally happy people, fun-loving and sincere.  Despite all the difficulties they face in life, they always find reasons to laugh and be happy.

What style attracts you most? Why?
Street Photography. I’m attracted to people because I find myself in them.

How far do you go with post processing?
I used to do a lot of sharpening, blurring, levels adjustments, dodge, burn, multiply, etc in Photoshop but have simplified my workflow nowadays to a few levels and tone curve adjustment in LR, plus a few other tweaks. I have a hard time distinguishing a slight tint of red, yellow or green, which is why I prefer black & white.

What motivates you to grab the camera and go make a photograph?
Meeting people and getting to know their struggles and success.  It’s their story that motivates me.

Tell us about a weird thing you do or a weird habit you have before a photoshoot:
I just grab my camera and go before I change my mind about shooting.  There’s probably just a very few serious street photographers here in Tacloban City, and being one is probably weird enough for most people.

Describe your feelings during a photoshoot:
I get lost in the moment.

Ethically, what are your limits in photography?
I stop when the picture robs my subject of dignity.

3 tips / advice to other photographers:

  1. Respect everyone you meet.  People will know your intentions from the way you look at them.
  2. Tell a story
  3. Enjoy the walk

How can we stay updated with your work?

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