Lebanese Skateboarding Association’s demonstration: A blast!

Last  Sunday, the Lebanese Skateboarding Association invited the public for a demonstration in Beirut. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this sport is ill supported in Lebanon. But I like skateboarding for many reasons: the sense of freedom it gives and the qualities it enhances in the skaters: Perseverance, balance, courage, focus etc… & as a street photographer, I could not resist the call. I had to go check it out, meet the organizers but most importantly the skaters. Men and women from all ages, different backgrounds with one love: Skateboarding… and one hope: To have skateboarding parks in Lebanon.

I spent more than 5 hours with the skaters. It was amazing how each person’s character reflected in his way of playing and soon, I was able to predict what everyone was doing.

I have uploaded a selection of pictures on Flickr in the Lebanese Skateboarding Association album after coming home with around 1700 pictures… I hope you enjoy it!

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One thought on “Lebanese Skateboarding Association’s demonstration: A blast!

  1. First of all, thats a great picture! I checked out your other pictures on Facebook earlier today, well done!

    The thing with Lebanon is this: they all have one style. For example, everyone is all done up, heels, hair, preppy clothing and so on. The same applies to Lebanese living abroad. In Canada, we all were the same way, we acted and dressed as we would in Lebanon – very very rarely did we come across a Lebanese “skater”. It is very refreshing to see this type of event in Lebanon – a change from the posh, preppy evetns.

    Skateboarding is a lifestyle. So free, vibrant, and full of life. I think this picture captured that.

    Well done as usual.


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