They stole our Banadoura!!!

“Hello, Bandoora is the new name of Jeeran Music.”


In the news, Meen explained:

Bandoora music site is not affiliated to MEEN or to Banadoura SARL our production company. They just stole the name!

In November 2010 I received an email from a guy called Abdallah Al-Khalidi asking for the permission to add a page to Meen on a website called Jeeran Music. I agreed. The next thing I know is that few weeks ago they sent an email to the mailing list stating that jeeran music is from now on called bandoora. What the hell?

So guys, please take note, we are not affiliated to that website. They just stole our brand name.

If the strategy is to get more traffic and create a controversy out of using the same name (identical spelling in Arabic), I think that is plain lame. I mean, check the tag line under the logo: “Music from this neighborhood”; What does it have to do with the tomato? Jeeran meaning Neighbors was more appropriate in this context.

They already knew that Banadoura existed since they have been communicating with them. It’s a shame and big one. Stealing other people’s effort does not justify lack of creativity especially when being in the same industry. It’s incredible how low people can fall.

2 thoughts on “They stole our Banadoura!!!

  1. The audacity of some people, ya3ni 3ayni bi 3aynak ! I hope the Meen team take legal action and the necessary step to protect their brand in the region.

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