Lebanon Aggregator’s logo, a source of inspiration?

This is utterly sick!

Although it looks flattering to see imitations and copies, it’s really sickening to see how far can disrespecting others’ efforts and this looking forward to getting credit for other peoples’ ideas and hard work go!

After bringing you the case of the stolen Banadoura, here is another one:


I love Lebanon couldn’t find a better idea than steal, copy, imitate or whatever you want to call it, Lebanon Aggregator? There are plenty of graphic designers out there though who are dying to get the chance to come up with new ideas and get the deserved credit for it.

Whether in a casual business conversation or online, it would not hurt anyone to be nice and ask for permission to do whatever you want with someone’s ideas or work! Talk to each other people, communicate!

We all love Lebanon but we do not support this! Enough!


“I love Lebanon” took off the logo from the Facebook page after Karl Mansour’s comment at 10:45 pm of the same day: “Ok no more photo .( I love Lebanon team)”.  I hope they work on a new one ASAP!

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