What’s with… Random rantings

That other night I started a “What’s with…” series on Twitter. @Little_Stain suggested I put them all in one post.

That’s only 20 🙂 Feel free to continue to “What’s with…” in a comment! Rant baby rant and get it out of your system!

There you go:

  • What’s with the over-cooling in Citymall?
  • What’s with the over-abused idea of using fancy cars for advertisement?
  • What’s with people bluntly leaving trash on the street and complaining about a “dirty” street?
  • What’s with waiters in restaurants saying “wassil” when you ask for the bill, then calling you back to come pay?
  • What’s with people who confirm their attendance to an event, making everyone wait for them & not calling nor sending a cancellation message?
  • What’s with valet running to open the guy’s door when a woman is driving & leaving the keys on the windscreen wipers?
  • What’s with people in the back kicking your seat every now & then when you’re at the movies?
  • What’s with people who can’t take their trash to the bin after watching a movie in theaters?
  • What’s with pple spraying perfume on themselves when still eating at the restaurant table?
  • What’s with people making public toilets look like the sewers blew out and leaving without flushing!
  • What’s with fireworks in the middle of the frigging day?
  • What’s with people driving in reverse in the middle of the highway?
  • What’s with people smoking in the goddamn crammed elevator?
  • What’s with people making the kind of noise they would never tolerate if they were sleeping?
  • What’s with women wearing full make on the beach and swimming like frogs but keeping the head dry?
  • What’s with people activating the wipers with a jet of water showering all the cars behind them?
  • What’s with people driving with extremely loud music AND open windows?
  • What’s the farmer’s rooster that can’t tell the difference between day and night?
  • What’s with people driving in zigzag at crazy speeds past midnight?
  • What’s with those new energy drinks advertisements on TV that make no sense?

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One thought on “What’s with… Random rantings

  1. -What’s with people that can never seem to drive in lanes but prefer to drive exactly on the line? And they never miss it; their car would be centered right above it. Whenever I see them I cannot help but think that they like having something between their legs a bit too much…

    -What’s with Bank Audi and their “conscientious driver” stickers? They couldn’t settle with exploiting people’s money now they’re moving on to exploiting people’s need to brag about their douchebaguiness?

    -What’s with Chinese people? Why are they so ugly?

    -What’s with Lebanese taxi drivers and honking? They can’t seem to stand the sight of anyone using their legs to do the most natural thing. I think they are the enemies of walking!

    -What’s with beggars that come to you holding money with one hand and asking you for some with the other? Are they aiming for presentation or education? “Give me just 500 LL, look this is how it looks, see? Now reach for one and give it to me!”

    -What’s with Tom Cruise? Why can’t he come out of the closet already and leave everybody in peace?

    -What’s with me I can’t stop criticizing whenever I get the chance? I can go at this forever, anyways you can check this if you haven’t yet:


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