A visit to the MENASART Fair 2011

If you want to give your eyes the chance to see something different, MENASART Fair 2011 is the place to be! Artists from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia exhibiting together in one place. There are some amazing mind boggling pieces. Many of them have been sold already!

Don’t miss the chance to break from the routine, talk to promising artists and enjoy yourself!

Chronora stand

What does watches have to do with art you may ask? A lot when the time piece is made of an enamelled painting on mother-of-pearl by artist Hussein Madi representing the myth of Europa!

Kids playing with the "Oil Leaks" letters

Wrong Thought by Talal Alzeid

After six days and we will be back, Inshallah by Abdulrahman Katanani

Bee by Bokja

Detour by Abdulnasser Gharem

The temple by Mari Saba

Kids' corner

The pleasant surprise was to meet friends among exhibitors and to see my blog in the press room!

Ricardo Mbarkho

I met fellow tweep @CorineMartinArt!

My blog in the press room!

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