Figlmüller, Vienna, Austria

The first time I went to the Figlmüller, it looked like this:

Hmm, people were WAITING to get in? REALLY? That day, I was too hungry and impatient, so I had to go elsewhere. On the next day, I decided to give the place another try. It looked like this:

People waiting! That’s when I got curious… so… I waited 45 minutes minutes to get in. What’s so special here? A dish that made the headlines in all major newspapers, the Schnitzel! It has the particularity to be really oversized in this restaurant.

For a while now, it considers itself to be the house of the Schnitzel. They have very limited choice on the menu (I tried the below, but it was not very interesting) and people mainly go there for the Schnitzel. If you don’t mind the wait… you can give it a try!

Kalbsleber Glasierten

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