An infinite number of moments

When I came back home from work yesterday night where I was taking pictures of happy people dancing, singing, eating and having fun, I drove next to quite a macabre scene 5 meters further: A spread of broken glass on the asphalt, an ambulance and people with worried and sad faces.

While I was working, someone had an accident. It got me thinking. I’m no math crack, help me out here:

We are an estimated 7 billion on this planet. Each one of us is having a number of moments every 24h they are alive in. How many moments can one have in 24h? Multiply this by 7 billion and you would have an approximate number of moments this planet has in 24h (roughly, of course) That’s how many things go on in 24 hours.

While I’m typing this, a number of people are born, others died, some drowned, others are sick etc… When you are in love with one person and you are on your own, you tend to think: “I wonder what he’s doing/how he is right now” but when you are in love with your planet, the same question covers around 7 billion individuals. Trying to compute that at 2 am while driving gave me a headache.

While an infinite number of moments passes us by, we are there focus on a small bunch of them. Some will make us angry, others happy, some with make cry, others wonder etc… While we are busy getting self centered, so many things are happening. Yeah, the news might bring some moments to our attention, your mom may talk about some around the morning coffee, your friends could discuss a couple in a discussion but we can’t have a global overview of the infinite number of moments we missed.

Photographers miss an infinite number of moments as well… You know what? We are missing so much of so many that whatever we are doing it better be good and worth it. Out of self-preservation our brain tends to use a long focal lens while dealing with our “moments of the day” keeping the main subject in focus and blurring all the background behind.

I hope this guy is still alive and will recover from his injuries. I don’t want to think that he passed away while I was having fun.

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