My photos in Nadine (Issue 1598 – From 5 to 11 September 2011)

I was wandering in Virgin Megastores the other day. I was standing next to a person who was flipping the pages of Nadine when I saw pictures I took published… Too bad my name was not mentioned!

You may also notice the same pictures on my Flickr photostream in Hall El Amar – Ramadan 2011 with Jaras Scoop Radio at Villa Verde album. These photos are also circulating on Facebook and other sites… they were ALL taken by me.

Thank you for respecting the person who was sweating and working all nights by attributing them back wherever and whenever posted. It seems it’s too much to ask for in this country! All photos taken anywhere, were taken by people; why forget them?

2 thoughts on “My photos in Nadine (Issue 1598 – From 5 to 11 September 2011)

  1. This sort of thing happened to a friend of mine (@carlittoer), except he found his picture used in a billboard for Charcutier Aoun. He’s been watermarking his flickr pictures ever since.
    This country needs a proper intellectual property law..

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