Shame out loud!

How many times have you heard this lame excuse? “So what? Everybody is doing it!” Just because there is no police standing next to each person it doesn’t make acceptable to look for every single way to breach the law or to disrespect the environment and people who live in it. Not everyone’s conscious has been put to sleep or sold.

These people also think that their impact is limited but they fail to see how dangerous they are and how bad of an example they are to the younger generations.

I have been taking mobile photos of breaches and weird situations on the roads for a while.  I called it “Why do people do this?” I then noticed later that there was a bigger initiative that was taking place.

This initiative is called Cheyef 7alak?. “Created by Impact BBDO and endorsed by LBCI, and in partnership with Cre8mania, Cheyef 7alak is a CSR campaign raising awareness and influencing behaviors for a social change.” It’s main concern now is traffic and corruption. I love their light-heart sarcasm, it’s really funny!

So keep your cameras/mobile cameras on standby, hunt them down and shame out loud!

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