Beirut Traffic Control Center

I already have trouble to choose what to wear before I got to any ATM or to any place where there is a security camera. It’s important to look good. I mean, you never know who might be watching the tapes…

I recently learned that there will be even more cameras now. The ones of Beirut Traffic Control Center in Greater Beirut. But I wonder; how these cameras above my head will be able to provide any queues to solve “transportation problems and improve circulation and parking management”?

Don’t get me wrong. Lebanon is quite known to have too many cars circulating on the road and not enough public transportation. It is also known that people don’t necessarily drive “their own” cars and that others either take off the plate from the front of the car or just use some other ways so no one can actually find them.

Whether they are aimed to  “monitor traffic and resolve traffic jams” or “to record vehicles that run right lights, joining already installed speed radars”, I am really skeptic about the initiative .

“Under the system, drivers would be immediately informed of their violation through an SMS message sent by the Internal Security Forces.” I am not sure what to think of that either; simply because not all people HAVE mobile phones, and some change numbers more frequently than their own shirts.

I’d rather see trained, efficient men who stop offenders on the streets DIRECTLY. It’s one thing to punish the actual bad driver and it’s another to punish the “alleged” car owner who’s only mistake was to own the car. Yeah, I know that police cannot wait for every person to come back take their ill-parked car to get a fine, but can’t there be some other way?

If I can’t give my car to my brother without fearing a ticket, I will have to tell him: “Get your own car”. Imagine a family of 6! And how weird would it be to get some SMS saying that you go a fine for not stopping at the red light while you car has been parked in front of your house for several days?

… now which dress should I wear? Green or red?


One thought on “Beirut Traffic Control Center

  1. The new traffic regulations will never imprve the traffic system in Lebanon.
    This traffic law if implemented or created for generating profit income and not to improve the traffic system.

    The main issue to consider before thinking of a new traffic law is to find the fundamental cause which is the lack of car parking.
    Three things should created and implemented before forcing the new traffic law is

    1 build and arrange enough car parking facilities
    2 ban cars from parking on both sides of the streets ( to avoid traffic jam)
    3 then force your traffic law and double your ticket fines

    The huge stress on the driver due to traffic jam forces him/ her for violation and the burning fuel while car is blocked Br traffic jam that is bought by government can be reduced

    Taxi cars should be uniformed by one color and shape

    Fawzi F. Bitar
    Certified financial advisor

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