Blog Action Day 2011: Food

It’s Blog Action Day time of the year. This year the subject is about Food.

 There is a lot to talk about when it comes to what/when/why/when/why etc.. we eat. There are several ways to choose/prepare/store/deliver/present food as well. We all have some sort of relationship with our food. When I come to think about it, I remember that I went through several phases.

Family reported that during my childhood, food was the least of my worries. My parents would be running after me to feed me to avoid the sense of guilt every parent feels when their children don’t eat. Although some theories say that when kids are hungry, they will eventually let the family know, parents still feel obliged to run after them with a spoon when all they care about is play. I still remember the times I would sit on the table to watch adults mimicking the sound of the airplane and pretending that whatever was on the spoon that day was the plane’s cargo.

Later, during adolescence, the relationship with food totally changed. It became chaotic. I wasn’t aware what I was eating. Food reflected my roller coaster unstable emotions which accompanied all the physical changes I had to go through. Urgh! Something I was totally careless about was quantity. I wouldn’t stop eating unless someone came and took the food away from me! (The memory makes me sick!)

Then now, did it get better? Not really? will it ever get better? I don’t know! I love food! …but only when I’m happy! I would even be peeky when it comes to what to eat and  where. (That’s when I started reviewing restaurants from time to time.)
When I’m sad, angry or sick, I can’t eat. Food becomes tasteless… a punishment!

Believe it or not, I’m struggling to reach my optimum weight. I tend to lose weight easily, and anything can become a reason for that: travels, sickness, bad mood etc… It’s a mild “curse” for people with high metabolism because as soon as they drop too much, they become weak… unhealthy as well. While some are fighting to lose weight, others fight to gain it. Both are a pain to go through.

What about you? What is your relationship with food?

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