“My Street” Photography Contest

It’s to walk around the neighborhood with a camera and a fresh eye. Show us what it looks like!

In celebration of BSP’s one year anniversary, we’re organizing our first street photography contest based on the theme “My Street”. The contest is open to anyone interested in street photography across Lebanon.

The top winning photographs will be exhibited at our special one year anniversary event in November 2011. Take part, get creative and have your work seen by others within the street photography community!



You don’t need to look very far to find inspiration for interesting street photography. It’s oftentimes right under your nose (so to speak). We invite you to re-discover the street or neighborhood you live in with your lens. Show us what makes your area unique and share its stories as part of the theme “My Street”. Perhaps it’s the vendor you buy a kaak from on your way to work or the colorful newstand at a busy intersection you drive past on your way home.

As we always say, get creative and, most importantly, let us visit your street for a few minutes through your photos. We’re looking for stories told through photos, creative compositions and experimental shots.

Note: The “My Street” theme applies for a street or neighborhood you work or live in. It needs to be a place you pass through on a daily basis.



1. Each participant may submit up to 3 entries.

2. Photos submitted should fit the theme “My Street” (as described above) and be of the Street Photography genre. Candid street shots exclusively i.e. No staged set-ups will be considered.

3. No watermarking the photographs submitted please! (It’s too distracting)

4. The winning photographs to be exhibited will be selected by the BSP Admin team and carefully evaluated through an objective criteria based on the following: photographic technique, relevance to the theme and street photography genre, aesthetics, originality, artistic value and the concept/story behind the photograph.

5. No late submissions past the deadline will be accepted (no matter how awesome the photograph is).

6. The winning photographs will be selected and announced two weeks prior to the BSP Anniversary event. All winners will be contacted directly by the BSP Admin team upon selection.



All photographs submitted for the “My Street” Street Photo Contest should be sent by e-mail to beirutstreetphotographers@gmail.com in high-resolution (300 dpi with 30 cm x 40 cm dimensions).

1. For the Subject of the Email, include the following with your respective information: [My Street: Street Photo Contest – Your Name – Title of Photograph]

2. Ensure that you name your image file this way: yourname_phototitle.jpg.

3. Include the following information in the email with each submission:

a. Your Full Name:
b. Email Address:
c. Phone Number:
d. Tell us a bit about the Photograph (1-2 Paragraphs):
e. Which area in Lebanon was this Photograph taken?
f. Was the Photograph taken somewhere you: Live/Work/Visit Regularly? (Please Choose One)
g. Title of Photograph:

You may also submit all the following on a CD. Contact beirutstreetphotographers@gmail.com to coordinate drop-off by deadline.

* You may submit up to 3 entries, but submit each entry in their own individual email.



In the case your photograph(s) are selected, you will be asked to submit a high-quality print of the winning photograph(s) to ensure they are exhibited at the event.

The print submitted should abide to the following specs:

a. High-Quality Photographic Paper (Matt, Not Glossy)
b. Size of print: 30 cm x 40 cm. The photograph should fit these dimensions without any white borders, framing or watermarks on the photographs. The photograph should fit that size entirely.
c. Don’t forget to include a sticker on the back of your prints with your name and the title of the photograph(s).



By submitting an entry, you acknowledge that you are the creator and owner of the image. All images submitted to the competition, including winning entries, will remain with the copyright of the photographer. By submitting an entry you grant BSP non-exclusive rights to publish, exhibit and post your images on our website and other official online/offline channels for media publicity with regards to the contest and BSP’s activities. Participants who submit their photos automatically agree to the Contest Guidelines and Terms and Conditions listed here.

Note: This is our first contest so rules, terms and conditions and submission details may be updated or modified as we deem necessary.



For any questions or additional information, contact beirutstreetphotographers@gmail.com

You can also find out more about Beirut Street Photographers on their:

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