The curse of having a boyfriend/girlfriend

This applies for both men and women. For the sake of writing, I will be describing a woman-man relationship. It can be turned the other way around or whatever 🙂

So it all started in the teenage years. Everyone asks why you are still single and haven’t introduced them to someone “nice” yet. The years follow, you introduce your surroundings to many guys at the pace of  2 to 3 per year but they aren’t made for you. This one “doesn’t suit”, the other “too ugly”. This one “is not as educated as you are”, the other is “too short”… etc.. etc… Whatever the stereotype, they bring it on. Until one, day, you do not know how nor why, the one you introduce them to is “good enough”.

He becomes your official “boyfriend” people ask you the weirdest questions and you become cursed. (“he/him/his” is referred to as the “boyfriend”)

Me: I am going out with my friend Rami.
People: Did “he” allow that?? “He” doesn’t mind?

Me: I just cancelled an outing with “him” this weekend. I’m tired.
People: What?? Is “He” okay with that?

Me: I can’t imagine myself being married.
People: How does “he” feel about that?

Me: I don’t think I’ll have children.
People: Does “he” agree with that?

Me: I going to cut my hair.
People: Did you ask for “his” opinion first?

Me: I’m going to the movies.
People: Is “he” going with you?
Me: No, i’m going alone.
Suddenly one of the people: What?? Tarakto?? (Did you break up?)

I am an independent human being who has her owns hopes, dreams, fears, doubts and all. Not everything I think, say, do, ask about something, etc… HAS to be linked to “him”.  When I  say, do, ask about something, I’m hoping that the SUBJECT be discussed as stand ALONE. It has nothing to do with whether I love “him” nor how much. Love is independent from all these associations…

Wonder what “he” has to say about this as well?

3 thoughts on “The curse of having a boyfriend/girlfriend

  1. I agree with you rita
    some boyfriends/girlfriends are so possessive that you have to go back to them with your every move. And they might kill you with nagging and questions and such stuff for doing something on your own without prior notice.

    As Gibran Khalil Gibran said, إنما اتركا بينكما بعض فسحات لترقص فيها رياح السماوات (quotes from Al Ma7abba song by Fairouz) couples should have their individual privacy even when they are a couple.

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