My photos in Tagged (Issue #2, Fall 2011)

My pictures were used in Tagged magazine Issue #2, Fall 2011.

Again, although it was clear in the emails that attribution was the major condition, Tagged failed to tag my photos with my name. It’s very nice and all but how come photographers are not entitled with 4 words somewhere on the page: “Photos by [Name] [Surname]”? What is it about copyright that most print magazines do not get? How come they don’t care who the photographer is? I got sunburns to get these images… but of course, who cares? If I’m not on some magazine’s payroll does it mean that my images should be used free AND with no attribution? I thought that media was about freedom of expression; photography is a means of expression and images should be attributed back by DEFAULT! They didn’t forget the journalist nor the interviewee, did they? It seems that ethics committed suicide once more!

That said, enjoy the article. My regards to all the skaters, they are great people with amazing skills. Photography wise, it is always a pleasure to work with them. Keep it up boys and keep skating!

The same photos can be found in the Lebanese Skateboarding Association album on Flickr.

Update: After clearing this out with Tagged; it appeared that it was a regrettable mistake. An apology was published in the next issue. Thank you Tagged for being such good listeners!

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  1. Ask Naeema if there is a way to legally sure them. Step one to making sure your things are safe, or start watermarking your pics. Until a law is passed you have to start protecting your material.

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