A weekend in New York, USA with Smirnoff

Thursday, 10 November 2011
After a long 14 hours flight, I finally arrive to JFK Airport in New York, USA. Tired but still awake, I was wondering what this weekend will look like. As I was making my way out, I meet a man with a “Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project” sign: our driver! A nice black Lincoln car with space to stretch my legs… perfect!

Getting to Le Parker Merdien, the hotel, took an hour. Traffic is the most universal thing in all major cities around the world, isn’t it? As I opened the door to my room, I notice a message on the floor: the itinerary of the day. I got dressed for the first activity: a walk towards Times Square and a dinner at Bond 45. That’s where I met rest of the group I was going to spend the weekend with. We were around 50 people from all around the globe!

After dinner we came back to the hotel. It was really cold outside. I was looking forward to sleeping and recharging 🙂

Friday, 11 November 2011
I woke up early and had breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant: Norma’s. They don’t have much salty choice but what is already available is already good and tasty.  They seem to have a love story with eggs… Check out the portions!

Later, I went on a bus tour around New York with my new friends and a local guide. I was all O.O looking left and right frenetically. It was nice to learn about how people from all around the world came together to make things happen.

When I thought I was having all the fun I could have, a surprise came up. Smirnoff was taking the whole group for something really special: A tour of New York by HELICOPTER! My first time ever, I couldn’t believe it!


I went out for a couple of hours of shopping and at night, the group was taken to Buddakan for diner and then to Club Marquee where we all partied the night away with Smirnoff drinks! On a side note, what was with that stamp all women got on their wrist at the entrance of the night club? 😛

That was a FULL FULL day! I bet no one slept out of excitement!

Saturday, 12 November 2011
I had no idea what was in store for the day. I was having some tea from the Starbucks across the street waiting for the organizers to give a sign. The bus showed up. I though we were going on some other tour… but no. This time, it was a tour of New York “from a whole new angle”… by yacht. We also had fabulous lunch there.

So many things happened that day! We got introduced to 3 drinks from around the world but most important of all, we got to know the two newest Smirnoff flavors: Whipped Cream and Fluffed Marshmallow, and had the chance to make our own drinks using them on the interactive bar. Let me tell you: They are YUM!!!

I enjoyed the idea of an interactive bar. It’s a bar where you go and make your own mix just the way you like it. The bar is divided into stations where you have bottles to choose from to make your drink.

On the way back, I dropped at Macy’s, “The world’s largest store” where I got lost! (It’s sooooo big!) Christmas decoration was all over the place already. I also got lost while trying to find the hotel! Although there were more yellow cabs than one could care for, NONE stopped! So, I had to find another means of transportation because I was running late!

My last dinner with the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project group was in the Red Eye Grill. We ate and then walked down to where THE event was taking place: the Roseland Ballroom.

Madonna showed up and the crowd went crazy. 10 amazing dancers were there hoping for a chance to be part of Madonna’s dancing crew on her next world tour. It was fabulous. We 2, 3 feet away from Madonna: That’s just as close as it gets! The 53 year-old star was with her 15 year-old daughter, choreographers and crew. The DJ, was AWESOME! Too bad the party ended at 2 am! I too busy dancing and enjoying myself to take pictures I had a plane to catch the very next day!!! Thank you Smirnoff for an off the charts weekend in New York and special thanks to Kat!

My fairy!

For more pictures from the bus, the helicopter, the yacht and on foot check the New York album on Flickr!

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