Advertising differently in Lebanon: It’s possible!


We are finally seeing advertisements that capitalize on humor instead of sex and women!

100% made in Lebanon advertisements with Lebanese people we can connect to and identify with (instead of supermodels that made us feel uncomfortable) and an actual concept!

I’m here referring to two main companies:

1. MTC Touch with its latest advertisement concerning 3G connection. Here is how the story goes: “Meet Speedy & Amigo, two friends with one objective in mind: find something faster than 3.9G from mtc touch! Speedy has ideas and theories and he will stop at nothing to complete this mission! Amigo, on the other hand, is the sweet guy who has absolute trust in Speedy’s vision, nothing he asks him to do can ever come between them. Can anything stop these two? Never! Because this is what they do, this is what they live for and this is their biggest ambition!”

2. Sleep Comfort. Here, the company used a rather participatory approach asking people to submit scenarios on their Facebook Page. Videos can be checked on their YouTube Channel. The idea seems to go around the fact that an advertising agency is trying hard to convince the decision maker at Sleep Comfort with his advertisement ideas while the later thinks it doesn’t need any.

I hope we will get to see more and more creativity on the Lebanese advertising scene!

3 thoughts on “Advertising differently in Lebanon: It’s possible!

  1. Cool ads ! I loved the 3G ad (although the last part kinda ruins it)..
    It reminds me of the “mascot” of one of the telcos here in sweden, all their ads are centered around the same woman, who is NOT young or hot.. I find it so awesome.. see for yourself 🙂 (one, two, three)

  2. I loved them, thanks rita for putting them together.
    we need some more creative ads instead of sexist advertising.

    but the thing is, billboards should not be placed at the same time of the release of the tv ads. I, for example, did not understand any of billboards. I even considered the SLEEP COMFORT billboard to be lame and not so creative. But when i saw their videos, i got to understand and appreciate them. they made me laugh hard too.

    and, i loved the videos that Fadi posted, especially the last one. AMAZING

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