The kitchen is this way

A few days ago, my phone rang. I answered with an “Allo?” like I usually do but at the other end of the line some guy screamed: “Pick the food up off the floor!  Pick the food up off the floor! Since when do we put the food on the floor?”

My heart raced as I repeated: “Allo?”
“Ms. Rita Kamel?”
“Yes? Who is this?”
“This is the delivery service of the Casper & Gambini restaurant. Could you give more details to the delivery boy about the home address?”

They had a document for me. I found myself really nervous when the phone call ended. This was not exactly what I expected to hear from a delivery service. For the longest 5 minutes I could remember, my mind went through all sorts of possible scenarios and questions: Was the food REALLY on the floor? Maybe it was packed and the pack was on the floor. If this happened, who knows what else is going on back there?

For a minute there, I was talking to myself. I grabbed the phone and called restaurant’s HQ and asked to speak with the Quality Control department. I know a surprised person when I hear one. The person who took my call got confused but went by the book. “I’m really sorry. You are right, this is a mistake. I need to investigate before I can get back to you.”

As a customer, I am scared. “Pick the food up off the floor!” is not what I want to hear from the delivery service of an important restaurant and it will never be.

Very angry, I shared the incident with my mom who never really fancied eating in restaurants and doesn’t have a high opinion about take-aways nor food deliveries. She smiled and lifted her arm gracefully and pointed to the door: “The kitchen is this way…”

I am still waiting for that phone call that is supposed to clarify what happened but they never called back.


6 thoughts on “The kitchen is this way

  1. I’m pretty sure you will have to wait an age or two!!

    Had a rotten bread problem, with one of the BIG franchise; they promised to follow up call…. its been almost three yrs.

    Good Luck 🙂

  2. Dear Rita, we’re happy that the link to your blog was retweeted by one of your followers so that we have a chance to reply to this and explain what really happened.
    After you dropped your complaint, we called our delivery department to understand what could they mean by “take the food up off the floor”. And this is what really happened: When we finish from packaging our food, we place them on a shelf, from where they are picked to be delivered. The pick-up person placed the food bag on the floor before placing it on the shelf for some reason, which we agree should not happen, and this is when someone shouted “Take the food up off the floor!”.
    Please note that we stick to the highest standards of hygiene and would never jeopardize these standards, no matter what. And to really prove that, we would like to invite you and anyone else to come and visit our kitchen whenever you feel like.
    We were hoping to see you at Eatalian event to discuss the matter further, but unfortunately you did not make it.
    We hope the picture is clear for you now, and btw it has definitely nothing to do with the picture you posted 🙂

    Sincerest regards,

    Casper & Gambini’s team

    • I am definitely sure that the picture has nothing to do with what happened. I was just stressing the fact that “Take the food up off the floor!” is not exactly what a customer would expect hearing when picking up the phone. I even said that food could be PACKED for delivery and it was put on the floor but still, it’s not the ideal sentence to start a phone call with 🙂 But for a minute there, imagination gives one all the possibilities; mental images that no one needs.

      I’m sorry I could not make it to Eatalian’s opening in Ashrafieh.
      Thank you for clarifying things.

  3. You’re totally right 🙂 Our apologies for that and hope our message could clarify things well!
    Please know that your constructive feedback is always appreciated, that’s what helps us going forward and earning our clients’ satisfaction and trust.

    Hope to see you anytime soon!

    Casper & Gambini’s team

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