Homemade Holiday Cake

Remember these?

It’s the holiday cakes’ season! Actually, they are so yum they can be made all year round with different shapes.

We’ve gone all festive this year making holiday cakes and distributing them since a lot of people loved them.

Homemade Chocolate Holiday Cake: 30cm. No buttercream. No gluten.

Cakes serve 10 to 12 people. If you would like to put an order, have specific preferences (Smarties, White chocolate etc.. you name it!), ask about prices or any questions, please contact me. (We will stop within 10 days.)

Why do they taste so good? We only use fresh ingredients. We decorate with them too. No buttercream. No gluten. We grow our strawberries. Cakes are made during the same day of delivery. It’s not the regular commercial cake found in the market.


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