During this end of year holiday season, don’t forget…

During the end of year holiday season, people go through some sort of transformations. Some have a list of names to whom they should be bringing presents while others have a list of names with the presents they should bring for each one.

The streets are overflowing with nervous drivers, parking is rare to find and the same music plays everywhere over and over again. Phones ring all the time, messages come and go until the grid breaks down.

This period has been so over commercialized that it has lost its true meaning. Gifts? There are several occasions during the year to get them. I remember there was a time when people used to gift in order to say something like “Thank you”, “I love you” etc… I’m not sure what the idea of gifting switched into anymore. But as long as it is making people happy…

People are also preparing for all sorts of plans for the New Year’s Eve. Some will stay at home/chalet doing their own parties with family/friends. Others, will go out to restaurants/hotels/resorts/pubs etc… to have their ready-made parties.

It’s a good thing to have the choice to make a choice. But there are a couple of things would not hurt to remember:

  • Whether you’re into mass gifting or having your own party, remember the amount of waste you are leaving behind. All those gift wrapping papers, packaging and all kind of plastic products you will be using. Don’t forget to be smart about your waste. If you are already into recycling, good. If not, you can use the products that only need to be washed to be used again or give the already used ones a second life.
  • If you are going to some family/friend’s party OR to one of those ready-made-parties don’t forget to thank the people who spent hours into making the party a success or to the staff that gave up their own New Year’s Eve in order to serve you, clean after you and make YOUR party a success.
  •  Don’t forget about the police, army, Red Cross, hospital staff and taxi drivers who gave up their “right” to party with everyone else in order to keep streets and people safe.
  • Don’t forget about all the immigrants, the homeless, the extremely poor families, the kidnapped, the lonely/sick individuals who have no one to look after them and the innocent people in jail.
  • Don’t forget about all those who will pass away because of an illness while we are all busy preparing for our own fun.

Every year we have a number of people who die before/during/after this night in accidents. But to those who are driving, it is not enough said: “If you are drunk, PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE for everyone’s sake (including yours); DON’T EVEN TRY, DON’T CONVINCE YOURSELF THAT YOU WILL BE DRIVING SLOWLY. Let a sober friend drive you or CALL A TAXI!” Committing suicide on your own is already a serious issue; committing suicide at the expense of some stranger’s life who didn’t ask for anything is worse.

Before wrapping it up, I would like to wish a happy birthday and salute @Uxsoup‘s initiative; his birthday wish is to donate to an NGO. Yes, on the very day when it is commonly accepted to be selfish. Respect!

Be safe, have fun responsibly and share. Life happens only once!

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