Boxed in Gemmayzeh, Lebanon

Some problems linger for years: I wrote about Gemmayzeh: One street with  a lot of problems in 2010.

But then again, this year, the happiness of finding a parking spot on the streets in the Gemmayzeh area in Lebanon flies away in a flash when one needs to go back home. 90% of the chances are that the car is boxed and you have to go hunt for the concerned valet company.

Those valet-parked cars are one big problem for both valet and the car owners. Valet are suffering from the lack of parking spaces; thus finding themselves obliged to park them in every law-breaking fashion whereas car owners find themselves paying LBP5000 + the surprise parking fine… That’s because Police walks around and penalizes every car found on a second or third lane boxing other cars and those not in a parking permitted space… and the valet guys just throw away the ticket to save face… leaving you to discover an unexpected number of tickets when the official car revision (“mecanique”) time comes.

How many years do we have to wait before finding a permanent solution to this problem?

2 thoughts on “Boxed in Gemmayzeh, Lebanon

  1. I have a solution right now! don’t come to gemmayze with your car. or better yet don’t come to gemmayze at all!
    NB: i live here, and can’t sleep due to valet and gem clubbers 🙂

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