New Year 2012 in Beirut, Lebanon

The New Year 2012 in Beirut was epic. There was traffic in all the area especially Gemmayzeh, Downtown and Monot.  Most of the pubs were full. At midnight people went out to walk around the streets of Beirut… Valets were taken by assault although most of the parking spaces were empty. Police and army were all over the place intervening when a “drunken problem” was raised. The driving on the streets was questionable; some were driving really fast in zigzags past midnight…

But overall, it was a good night! 🙂

(Pictures taken quickly with a camera phone)

Why do people ask for a print receipt when they don't need one? - Gemmayzeh

Akid fi cottillon w boucheyet w champagne w hek 😛

Downtown Beirut

Who is driving? 🙂

He thought "Let's make a U-turn; there is too much traffic." And he got stuck!

How was yours New Year’s Eve?

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