Parking vs Park Meter

A letter from Joy:

“To Whom it may concern,

The picture attached to this text shows exactly the way I’m feeling. Call it rage call it whatever you want to call it. I reached to a stage where I had enough of this country’s sarcasm towards its inhabitants. If 99% of the population are blind, and use the traditional Lebanese sentence “ Haida Baladna Shou Badna Naamel “ Well, I’m here to talk about the remaining 1% that face a million and one thing per day and are trying to live with pride in their own country.

I live in Ashrafieh, and specifically at Mar Mkhael street. As we all know, this street has been booming for the past two years with pubs, clubs, restaurants, and so on. Therefore, when your laying down in your bed to rest you’re just partying with the rest of the crowd down there at the venues.

Three years ago, they installed something called the “Park Meter” the meter works from and until; trying to become civilized like other countries maybe, I don’t know. But here comes the logic, they installed it underneath our homes!!!

Whether you come home at 12pm, 4pm, or even midnight its either you don’t find a spot to park because of the huge rush of pubs in the area and valet parking’s that park everywhere and I mean everywhere! Or when you wake up in the morning there’s a good morning message on your front window that says “ Good morning here’s a 10,000LL fine to brighten your day” Should I wake up everyday at 7 or 8 go down in my pajamas’ to put a paper on my car and then go back to sleep?

Tell me what do I do? If there was a possibility I could take my car with me home, trust me I wouldn’t do other wise!!! And on the other hand, if you find a spot to park there’s this shop that puts chairs outside to reserve his own spot in case someone comes in, and another and another and another….

This is enough!!!! I will do what it takes to stop it. Park meters are known to be put in business or industrial areas worldwide not in a Residential Region!!!! I have a range of 5 or 6 tickets per month! And if I had a choice I wouldn’t be posting this issue on online and yes, I want to reach the media! There isn’t any parking’s’ in the area, the buildings are old with no underground space for us to park and the streets are now taken to the ones that have the supreme power!

Oh and should I mention, the company that owns the park meters in Lebanon isn’t for the government? It’s a private company or whatever you want to call it and the government takes a percentage. If anyone reading this post finds normal actually logical, then state your opinion!

Day after day, this country is becoming more chaotic! I don’t give a damn whether we have 3G or a higher Internet speed, or whether we win the best award for the greatest nightlife in the middle east! I want to live with pride I want my voice to be heard.

I’m hoping this post will eventually; reach someone that may help us. I may be one person writing but I’m pretty sure there is a 1000 citizens suffering from the same issue. Enough is enough!

Indeed; in what logic are park meters stationed under homes who were built with no parking spaces? It doesn’t make any sense for people who live in those buildings nor their visitors. Why do righteous people have to bleed for the outlaws? And when it comes to talking to the park meter people who issue the tickets, they laugh and raise their shoulders. “Ana makhassneh” they say. Until when does Joy and the rest of the citizens who are suffering from the same insanity have to endure this? A discussion should be taken over the municipality and the company itself.

Whether should inhabitants have a card that states that they live in the area and thus their cars should be spared from parking tickets or whether these park meters should be moved to where it makes more sense, a solution needs to be implemented as soon as possible… This is simply INSANE!

Park Meter Lebanon has a website.


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  1. Most countries have residential passes you can get from the council which allows you to park in certain areas near your house for free. In london, houses without parking spaces have dedicated parking spots where only you’re allowed to park there.

    I don’t remember how it works in Lebanon, but I think you can pay in advance the night before, can’t you? So if it’s 9pm and you put in 2 thou, it’ll take you till like 11am or something. I might be wrong though…

    • I think you can pay in advance. I’ve seen on my parking meter stubs (various places in Lebanon) when I pay close to the time they turn off that the time rolls over into the next day. Its not ideal, but its better than paying the higher rates of a parking ticket.

        • I thing u have 4 u a satan idea , mechanically destroy those parking meters.don’t even think about ur right to do it ,they r thieves n they r stealing u daily ,wake up n do it ,n if u cant n u don’t have the courage i’ll love to do it for u

  2. Well I would disagree with a few things on this post. Mar Mikhael is a central district. In most big cities it is hard to a parking spot within the central district. Also, parking meters are not really “known to be put in business or industrial areas worldwide”. Here in Stockholm in the central district you have parking meters even in residential areas.

    What makes your case unusual is the fact that your building doesn’t have its own parking spots, and is on a street with a lot of pubs. For this issue you need to address the municipality for a solution. As for waking up in the morning and going down to the streets in your pajamas, I’m sure you can feed the parking meter in advice when you park your car at night, to give yourself a buffer for the next day.

    I get your frustration, but I think that most of it is misplaced. I’m sorry.

    • I agree with you about Mar Mikhael being a central district. The parking meter needs to be fed every 2 hours nevertheless starting 8 or 9 am depending where you are.

      I think that there should be an alternative as well for the residents. It’s not like we have awesome public transportation and underground parking centers that can make it up for parking on the street.

      They should talk with the municipality and the company itself. I am sure they can find solutions together.

    • No Fadi I don’t think there is a way to feed the meter in advance. If you park after 4 and feed it anything you’ll get an error that it is a free parking time and get your money back.

  3. Hey there, i know what ure talking about… I live in Gemmayzeh & we re facing the same problem. Last week i paid 50,000 in fines( not to mention the 1 i forgot to pay so when I found the ticket the amount to pay was 120,000ll !!!)
    A valet next to my place once told me that he s surprised how we ve accepted parkmeters under our houses & that we should destroy them like they did where he lives… If they re tryin to be civilized they should start somewhere else…& at times, i feel the guy is right & those machines should be smashed …

  4. My house is on front of saraya -amioun n every single morning 4 z last 2 years i use to face z same pro. many times I did argue wz the darak n guards n i insisted that it’s our right to have 2 parking spot at least 4 our cars ,at z begining they tried to ignore me but I didn’t give up n now i have our private parking n no 1 is allowed 2 park here only us.I support ur right to have ur permanent parking’s spot n I understand how this’s really frustrating to u:(.

  5. Hi Rita,

    I totally agree with you. I don’t live in Gemmayzeh but I work there. I stopping taking the car to work, because I find it totally illogical, to leave the office every two hours to feed the parkmeter…


  6. To all of you who commented I appreciate your support.

    As for Fadi & the rest who disagreed or thought of the solution of paying a night before here’s the thing.

    1. It’s either you can’t pay a night before because the meter decided not to accept your coins or the card

    2. Or your out of coins at 12 am and the dude doesn’t show up for change at night they only work during the day to fine you if you’re 5mins late.

    3. Talking about other countries, well I have lived all my life in the UAE, I joined the Lebanese territory 4 years ago and I know exactly what you’re talking about. We also have membership packages for 3 months, 6months, or even a year.

    A card that you put on your cars dashboard and when the guy comes to fine you will eventually know you’re a valid member.

    There’s something I wanna say: nahna bi lebnein la2teen el hadara men tee……. 🙂

    Sorry for the expression. Good day All!

  7. It is insane.
    I suggest you sneak out at night and smash all those meters into pieces.
    The government (or the people who get these projects to implement) dont actually study the whole aspects of the project and its strong points and its weaknesses.
    Thats what makes these projects a major FAIL instead of an advancements, just like the 3G and how it ruined the communications network, and how the electricity is now barely available.

    I suggest the government employ new blood, new people, young people with initiatives and enough knowledge to come with projects that would actually work. At least if they came up with 3G project, they would know the difference between megaBIT and megaBYTE

  8. While I share some sympathy, I do believe that the valet cartel is actually more to blame here rather than anyone else… those bastards think they own the streets, and I would have a lash at them before anyone else. What is wrong is not the fact that there’s a parking meter under your house (it’s around everywhere round the world), it’s that they haven’t created some sort of a membership card like they’re supposed to (as you said Joy), i.e. it is a job half done; and that the bastard valets believe they can park wherever the hell they want, and even vandalize cars of people whose cars they didn’t park themselves.

    Valet drivers = Low-lives on a delusional power-high.

    The one biggest problem with Lebanon is that people are good at complaining, but not that good at doing; I’m sorry if I’m coming off non-empathetic, but then again you have to pick a good strategy… i.e. the park meter guy is not gonna sympathize with you, cause he’s just doing his job and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. So instead of asking him to do something wrong, it’s better to work to get the government to do something right and push for those membership cards. <– I know that's very idealistic, especially for Lebanon, but we might as well begin somewhere.

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