The Distant Shore by Mariam Kobras

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A famous international rock star receives a letter one day informing him about a teenage son he never new even existed. It doesn’t take him too much time to think what to do. He leaves everything and goes to find his long lost love and meets his son. The family is recomposed but the couple has many challenges to overcome: feelings of guilt, secrets that they haven’t shared with each other, fear and much more.

It seems that everything goes well for a while but soon everything changes when someone shows up with evil intentions and changes the course of events.

The 1st book of this romantic fiction is an easy read if you are into the genre and hard to put down. Mariam Kobras’s style is addictive, fresh and catching. I saw the scenes unfolding before my eyes as if I was watching a movie.

I would love to see Mariam Kobras write drama in the future: she’s really good at it.

What makes this book different for me is that I had the honor to interact with the author before reading the book. I first discovered that she kept a blog and has an account on Twitter. She is very much active on everything social media.

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