Where to eat open chicken wings in Lebanon all year round?

Chicken wings can be quite addictive. I’ve been trying to put up a list for addicts who crave the open chicken wings formula with drinks. Where is it possible to have them in Lebanon?


  • Headliners (Zalka)


  • Strumpf
  • Brick’s (Hamra)
  • Ages (Jounieh)


  • TGI Friday’s
  • Clucksters
  • Chill Resto Pub (Hamra)
  • Westgate
  • Red Carpet Beirut
  • Eva Brown (Jounieh)


  • Recipe (Mansourieh)
  • Red Carpet Beirut


  • Red Carpet Beirut

Every Day

  • Lord Of The Wings

Any other places serving the open chicken wings formula all year round you can suggest?


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  1. January 31, 2012    


  2. Loryne Loryne
    January 31, 2012    

    Wallaw, Lord of the Wings 😉 All day, every day!

    • January 31, 2012    

      Akid! But many places offer wings :) We’re looking for the “open” formula 😛

      • Hasan Hasan
        January 10, 2013    

        Oh Yeah

  3. February 2, 2012    

    Nice list. By the way, which one you think is the tastiest? :-)

  4. Bilal Bilal
    March 1, 2013    

    Westgate kaslik evrey wednesday night open wing open budweiser beer open potato wedges. Smoking area and shisha are avialable.

  5. Marc Aoun Marc Aoun
    November 5, 2013    
  6. March 16, 2015    

    GEEKS the smart diner – every Tuesday form 12 pm to 12 am for only 20,000 l.l
    saida – east boulevard – morjan roundabout – next to bank med
    nabatieh – hasan kamel al sabah street – rihan centre – next to bank audi

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