The Lacoste blog advertising scam

Earlier this month, I received the below e-mail:

I replied back inquiring more info to know what this was about. I soon got the below e-mail:

The thing is that I never heard of any agency called Gemerro. A quick search over the internet showed something weird: Gemerro Agency’s website talks about a certain “Paris média marketing” agency.

Cached snapshot

Something looked fishy. So, I sent an e-mail through Lacoste’s website asking if any of the above was true. 24 hours later, I get a call from their representative in Lebanon: Abou Adal Group.

It was clear that not only the concerned agency was not heard of but also that the whole blog advertising thing was pure scam. Beware!

Thank you Lacoste and Abou Adal Group for replying so fast.


2 thoughts on “The Lacoste blog advertising scam

  1. I got the exact same emails about 2 years ago. But I never followed up on it because it felt like it was a scam. It’s great that the representatives called you!

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