Breastfeeding Campaign in Lebanon

As part of the Breastfeeding campaign World Vision in partnership with the International Orthodox Christian Charities is launching in March 2012, this Public Service TV Ad, filmed with the support of the Ministry of Public Health.

The conclusion of research paper published in 2009 (made by AUB)  was that “there are a number of cultural beliefs that could potentially discourage breastfeeding among Lebanese women. Understanding and addressing local beliefs and customs can help clinicians to provide more culturally appropriate counselling about breastfeeding.”

Some beliefs are as irrational as the fear to communicate physical pain to the infant. By observation, I have noticed that many of the new mothers have abandoned the idea of breastfeeding for other reasons. Ranging from aesthetics to fear of communicating a disease many of them found that using formula somehow is comforting and lessens the feel of guilt of maybe doing something wrong and harming the baby.

I’m not got to argue; I’m not a mother yet but if I take things rationally, research showed that breastfeeding is beneficial for both the mother and her baby.

Did you know that there was an international breastfeeding symbol?

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