CityMall is educating its customers

Since couple of weeks ago, CityMall parking is no longer free. For some reason, it had to happen.

What is interesting nevertheless is that the well known mall has chosen to introduce the idea smoothly by educating its customers.

Employees stationed next to all exits ask customers if they have the parking card on them and explain how to go about paying the fees. The first few days, the tickets were free.

The schedule of fees adopted by CityMall is the following:

  • 0-30 minutes: Free
  • 0-2 hours: LBP 2,000
  • Every additional hour: LBP 1,000
  • Lost ticket: LBP 20,000

One thought on “CityMall is educating its customers

  1. I spoke with their security people. Apparently they did it because a lot of people (especially the ladies) were parking their cars there on Saturday nights and leaving it till 3 in the morning, even after the mall closes. Which means that the security people had to wait till these people came and picked their cars up from the mall from wherever they are coming from (I’m assuming night clubs hehe)

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