Happy Labor Day: Working in a box or two

For a lot of restaurants owners, the main concern is how they look on the outside and how to get as many customers as possible whereas the employees’s main concern is to make a living in decent conditions.


Did it occur to anyone that times have changed and the peoples’ relationship with work (whether it is a restaurant or another type of company) has changed as well? It is not always about the money.

Unfortunately, employers have more power than employees in most of the cases. Some employers even regard their employees as “disposable” objects with an “if you don’t like it, you can leave; there are a lot other people who would take on any job” attitude.

You call this a lunch break? I’d love to see the owner(s) working in the same conditions.

Lunch at TwinBox - Photo taken with a phone camera

Hello working conditions! Companies complain about turnover and that they can’t find the right candidates… ALL THE TIME. They should start asking themselves why. Seriously. Again, money is NOT everything. Is the “right” candidate someone who can give you his soul for a ridiculous salary?

This is just an illustrated example in a restaurant but here is much, much worse! Some employers expect their employees to work long hours without giving them anything in return, they also think it’s normal not to have a social life and it is strange to ask about self-development. Some make money on the back of under-age kids and make them work in dangerous conditions. Reminder: “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”

Employee loyalty, development, motivation etc… are all Human Resources related subjects that can make a great difference in companies’ performances regardless of their size.

Happy Labor’s Day? Modern slavery… Say what again?


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