My take on the Nokia N9

I got to test the Nokia N9 for two weeks. When I opened the package, a mature member of the family said: “Wooah! This is the best phone ever!” 🙂

I won’t go about the specifications as they are available online.

NB: I did not get paid for this review.

Here is my take on the device:

What I liked:

  • A sleek design with thick screen: the Nokia N9 feels good in the palm.
  • Loved the color contrast on the screen. It stands out.
  • Loved the simplicity of the device. You swipe between 3 screens. That’s it. No extra buttons.
  • The tutorial is well made. Helpful.
  • Making photos was fun!

The point of strength of the Nokia N9 is mainly its user-friendly experience but there are areas that could be improved nevertheless:

  • It takes time to boot. I don’t like to wait that long.
  • You need to lift a lid in order to recharge the phone. The open lid is a vulnerable detail as it could break.
  • For a right handed person holding the device with the right hand, the natural movement to flip the phone horizontally is toward the left. For the left handed, it’s the opposite. BUT in this case, the screen won’t flip! Were the “lefties” forgotten? – This was also an issue with Nokia N8. Annoying.
  • Meego, the mobile phone’s operating system, has been discontinued and there aren’t much apps to download.
  • Here is something about most of of the new smartphones: The shutter for photography is an on-screen button… I strongly think that the button should be on the side of the phone to make it easier to make those made-with-one-hand mobile phone photos people love so much.
  • Bluetooth did not work and I could not connect to the laptop to transfer images either.

All in all, the Nokia N9 is a nice mobile phone and I would suggest this phone to a person new to touch-screen world. There are lots of people who are interested in something simple and functional.

7 thoughts on “My take on the Nokia N9

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    • really??? because it has 400000000 fart apps and lag as hell on single core CPUs (and you’ll see nightmares when multitasking)??? the N9 CAN run android 4 (NitDroid) but it still on its alpha stage

      the better =/= selling good

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