Weird mobile pictures medley

Those mobile pictures were taken from around Lebanon.

This is what the seaside of Dbayeh looks like. And whenever it rains, the water level under the bridge rises to a point where a regular car’s engine would get damaged if you get adventurous enough to drive this way.  Most of everything is broken there. Will it ever get fixed or do we need a skyscraper worth millions nearby so people start fixing things?

Be the last person to come out of the movie theater and this what you usually see. WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE! I’d love it the day the cinemas decide not to clean after those pigs, keep them seated when the movie end and let the people come to the next immediate screening and see where they are sitting. Would they be OK sitting in the mess? I’d love taking photos of this encounter.

This was spotted at one of the big supermarkets. This person decided that they did not want the cheese anymore. Instead of giving it back at the cheese section or telling the cashier they did not want it anymore, they decided that disposing of the cheese in the coffee display was more mature, smarter and… honestly? I don’t get it!

Gemmayzeh. That street has always something to say. This person decided to park on the sidewalk. No comment! (When I think that some people get parking tickets five minutes after their time is up)

Safety distance is a not a concept that everybody is familiar with when driving. This person decided to put a sign on the back of the car saying “If you can read this then you are too FUCKING close!”. I always wanted one of those 🙂

Since when do we wish “Happy Fasting”? Since when was fasting “happy”? Seriously!

If you don’t like the way this bus drives, you can call 01/90 something 80 something.  Thank you.

This says “No parking. Not even for a second”. His store is empty all the time. Who is complaining?

I was walking in the mall when this guy came out of nowhere and took this stance. Uh? Is he playing hide and seek with someone? I don’t know because he stayed like this for a while!

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