Abou Merhi Cruises – Orient Queen II – Day 4 & 5: Bodrum and Marmaris, Turkey

We had the chance to spend more time in both Bodrum and Marmaris, Turkey than in any other place.  I went on a boat trip in Bodrum and partied the night away in both Bodrum and Marmaris.

The weather was cruel but the nights were perfect. Bar street is the way to go at night! So, I came back quite late to the boat and slept to get ready for the next day.

I decided to give the camera a rest and allow myself to enjoy myself and have fun without the hassle of worrying about my gear.

More photos can be found in the Abou Merhi – Orient Queen II album on my Facebook Page.

For more information about Abou Merhi Cruises and the Orient Queen II you can:

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