Camping and rock climbing with U Rock and the Nokia 808 Pureview

This time, I decided to test the Nokia 808 Pureview device in a different setting: I took it with me to a camp and rock climbing event.

There is not much to add to the technical reviews that can be found online. It’s a good phone overall; I absolutely love the fact that I can control the camera with a zoom in – zoom out and shutter buttons that are on the side of the phone. My only few remarks would be around the weight of the device, bulky look and I would appreciate more zoom power! 🙂

So I went to meet a new bunch of people who had two things in common: love for camping and rock climbing.

We arrived at night and set up camp by looking for dead woods in order to make a fire and cook 🙂

What a fire that was!

And it was cooooold!

After a quick meal, it was time to sleep under the stars or the tents and wake up for the big event! My first time ever rock climbing outdoors!

Waking up is not easy for everyone!

Then, it was the turn of the climbers…

and a bit later came mine!

I was one hell of an mental and physical experience that I definitely recommend! Sports are usually repetitive and most become mentally challenging when it comes to competing; but this one is about everything at once and also challenging fears. Apparently, I have potential and I’m totally going to look into that! 😛

Thank you Chloé for being so patient with me and thank you to all the U Rock members for encouraging me to get to the top and for the amazing time we had that day.

It goes without saying that all the pictures were taken with Nokia 808 Pureview   which has a 41MP camera. So thank you Nokia for giving the chance to document that day and for the memories I have with me now!! I had a blast!

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