Me time at PureGray Spa

After an exhausting week, there is nothing like a good massage; so I took off to PureGray Health Club & Spa at Le Gray Hotel in Downtown Beirut.

I was greeted by two receptionists. One of them showed me around to start getting familiar with the place and I was given a key to a locker and told in advance what I will find inside. I noticed that there was no need to bring anything as everything was provided.

I went for a 15 minutes in the sauna and then went to the waiting area. It’s such a tranquil place! A few minutes later, a lady shows up. She introduced herself as my therapist and handed me a form to fill. There were health related questions as well as others directly related to the massage such as the areas of stiffness I was suffering from and the preferred intensity of pressure to apply during my massage.

My therapist showed me the way to the room where the magic was going to take place. I laid down and… and… There are no words! OMG! 60 minutes of pure bliss! I traveled to another dimension! While she was working on my muscles and stressing on the area of stiffness, I felt like I was re-born again. All new! The decor is urban and modern, the music was good… What more did I need? I fell in love with the massage bed. Ahhh! So comfortable! After that, I went to the waiting area again but this time I had a cup of tea and relaxed for a few minutes before hitting the shower and going back home reinvigorated.

I loved the experience everything was timely and well organized… I would definitely recommend it!

For more information, you can visit the Website and book your own 60 minutes of goodness. The pictures you will see reflect reality as is and you will not be disappointed.


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