Under The Same Sun by Mariam Kobras

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This is the Book II from the Stone Trilogy and here I am reviewing it exactly one year after I published a review of the first book: A Distant Shore… What a coincidence!

The second book focuses on the aftermath of the shooting. Naomi is still facing her demons and feels she is useless because she can no longer have another baby. Her husband Jon, the famous rock star tries everything to reassure her but Naomi is still fragile. At times, I felt pity for her and at others, I felt like shaking her and scream: “Wake up, woman!” at her face.

The relationship between Naomi, her son and her father will take another dimension and her struggles will become an issue for Jon who is trying to do his best at all times. It’s like whatever he does, it’s not good enough for her.

The last thing she expected was to get abducted by a stalker…

Mariam Kobras puts all her heart in her writing. I found myself reading the book with curiosity. Events take place one after the other smoothly. It’s an easy read, a page-turner, call it whatever you want but the characters are so realistic and credible, I felt like I was reading a real life story.

I can’t wait to see which direction Mariam Kobras will give to her third and last book of this Trilogy and what the end will be like.

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