Abir Ghattas has the right to disagree with a person’s actions

I do not know Mr. Michael Wright personally. All I know is the position he occupies and heard a lot about how he is using it.

From my own Human Resources experience, I know how things work. Most of the companies use and abuse their power against employees for personal gain bending the archaic laws we have to do whatever serves their business goals. In most cases, the employees give up too easily because the legal procedure is lengthy and hiring lawyers is expensive.

Fellow blogger Abir Ghattas was forced to remove an article “Michael Wright: Spinneys CEO NO more” she posted on her blog and legal charges have been pressed against her based on erroneous translation of the above mentioned article.

Not only am I against censorship but I believe that freedom of speech is sacred.

  • We all have the right to have an opinion and voice it out in civilized ways.
  • We all have the right to reply to whatever is said and written.
  • We all have the right to access information in order to make an informed opinion.

As a sign of support, I am re-posting the article regardless of my own opinion about the whole Spinneys case; Abir Ghattas has the right to disagree with a person’s actions.

2 thoughts on “Abir Ghattas has the right to disagree with a person’s actions

  1. I don’t get it… How does Lebanese law apply to WordPress? How could they force you to remove this post for instance? And how would they do it?

    • Fadi,

      They sue you, police calls you for interrogation and keep harrasing you maybe even make you “wait” in jail for a little while for the paper work to be done. Then only let you go if you accept to remove the post.

      Of course if you have lots of money for good lawyers and and tons of free time to spend in court and lots of luck ( not to have a corrupt judge handle your case) you can refuse to remove the post and fight and win. Most people don’t have that luxury.

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