A Good Day to Die Hard – Movie Review

John McClane is worried about his son Jack. Father and son have not spoken together for a couple of years. John McClane decides to travel to Russia as he gets information that his boy is in trouble. Little did he know that Jack is a CIA operative working on a delicate mission to prevent a nuclear-weapons heist.  As usual, John McClane has a flair for problems and both himself and his son will find themselves in dangerous situations. No spoilers 🙂

97 min packed packed movie will not disappoint Die Hard fans. I personally enjoyed watch it: It’s entertaining and includes several funny moments. There were turns of events that I did not excpect which I found interesting. Some stunts are quite spectacular  and the heroes get out of every situations with barely a few scratches 😛

There is not much to say about Bruce Willis’ acting; it’s still the same.

I would recommend to people who like the action genre.

The movie is distributed by Empire in Lebanon. You can:
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