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The Ministry of Telecom is encouraging blogging in Lebanon. Nice! If you haven’t participated yet you still have tonight to do so for a chance to win a trip to Silicon Valley with the Minister. Visit this link for more information.

Since I support anything that encourages blogging, here is my submission:

Screens that speak to your senses and bio-internet

There are moments when you close your eyes and travel to a different reality just to disconnect from the harsh truth allowing your brain to go euphoric over ideas that may or may not materialize one day. That’s a quick and easy way to relief stress; at least for me.

I’m not going to state the obvious by talking about how the internet has revolutionized everything, nor about how I believe that e-commerce could save struggling economies nor how I find the concept of countries ridiculous and how people should be able to move freely and benefit from an equally developed infrastructure everywhere. No. I’m going to tell you about something that I have been thinking about that could help boost e-commerce even further and how we could use internet differently.

Screens. Yes, screens… but not any kind of screens, not the regular “touch” screen. I’m talking about screens with a surface that could render sensorial and olfactory information as well. Until today, screens were able to speak to the eyes and ears…what about smell, touch and taste? Decisions regarding a lot of groceries, new foods, perfume, textile etc. would become easier. The screen would render the chemical information in a way one would apply to the tongue or smell; just enough to pass it on to the brain. On a medical level this could help a lot of patients who suffer from certain disorders. The screen would also render the feel of an object as well. From an educational perspective a class would be able to touch and feel sculptures, ancient pottery and other art to understand why they were important to a certain civilization during a period of time.

Shall I get crazier? What about a thought to digital information converter that would be connected to an on-the-move technology. Our senses already grab data that is conserved somewhere since we can remember and translate in different ways, right? Why wouldn’t I be able to share that data with someone in a distant country just by a mental order or even talk to people via the same technology? Imagine how learning could become easier: university would “upload” knowledge for students to “download, they’d be able to know a lot of additional things in less time and would have more time to engage into practical activities…

Now what if our skin could do photosynthesis like plants; no one would die of starvation nor have any kind of disease related to food nor need any of the foods that we currently have. That would cancel the whole economy based on this basic need allowing us to shift efforts to other things and…

OK, OK, let’s calm down, I could go on for days.

I’m glad that there are no laws when it comes to dreaming and thinking. The world will always be a better place in my mind.

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