Going all Mr. Loughat on Beirut City Centre

I visited Beirut City Centre’s website a few days ago and checked the “Getting Here” page.

Many people asked about Center vs. Centre spelling. That’s a American English vs. British English thing.

The brand when for the British English spelling and thus for “Centre”. But how many “Centre” can you spot on the “Getting Here” page? The brand is spelled “Center” at least 6 times.

I’m not trying to be Mr. Loughat here, but I take it from a branding (marketing) point of view; this does not help in diffusing the brand correctly in the mind of the public.

Yet Mr. Loughat would point a finger on the last sentence in the page “Exists are provided on all its sides, allowing you to reach conveniently any desired destination.”  Exists? Exits!

My blog is far from being typo free, people send me messages to correct them and I gladly do. It’s OK to make mistakes; we all make them.

So question is, is it “Beirut City Centre” or “Beirut City Center”? 🙂

They can always go for the easy option: Arabic

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