Fekra Photography is more like Ser2a (Theft) Photography

There is a page called Fekra Photography on Facebook that is literally stealing other photographers’ work and appending a watermark on them. There is nothing sicker than taking credit for someone else’s work. Should the page want to inspire fans, admin could have credited the right photographer instead of watermarking them.

There are lots of photos that come from Lamis Photography page on Facebook. A friend told Lamis about this and as perfectly expected, she went mad. She wrote on the page and reported it but the admin behind the page is deleting all comments in this regards and banning people from the page.

Please help report this page in order to push Facebook to remove it. People do crazy dangerous things to get the perfect shot; others just put their own watermark on them and claim they took the shot. People actually steal and make money by misleading customers.

Copyright much?

Here is one of Lamis Jaafar’s albums uploaded 2 months ago:

Now have a look a how they were watermarked by this “Fekra” 3 weeks ago.

4 thoughts on “Fekra Photography is more like Ser2a (Theft) Photography

  1. Reported! You just have to look at the number and variety of photos they have there to conclude they’re stealing from many many photographers and not only one!

  2. Plagiarism is a real sickness. I always had several students that did it and I see bloggers and news organizations do it all the time. Have you heard the music some local TV stations steal? It’s the same with photos. Good for you for pointing it out.

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