Touch in-app payment: Turning talking minutes into real money

In app-app payment is not something new but it was recently enabled in Lebanon by touch. The mobile operator managed by Zain kicked off this new project with Anghami‘s music mobile application. For the time being, the in-app payment option is only available for Android devices.

This is definitely an opportunity for developers to monetize their apps with small amounts of money by gaining access to people who do not have bank accounts.

It’s a good thing and the opportunities in this area are numerous but nothing comes perfect. The in-app payment also allows any person who has access to your mobile to do things you did not intend to, like when a kid transfers credit to another mobile without you knowing and there is no way to get the money/credit back which mean that you have to lock the phone with a password; not lend it to anyone and find another alternative to giving your device to the kids in order to keep them entertained.

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