5 questions to Jade Saab, the director and co-founder of Achieve

Achieve is a new online job platform aimed at providing a simple and intuitive approach for job seekers to accurately find jobs, acquire information on the job market, and find guidance to help increase application visibility.

 According to the site, it is integrated with current social media networks making it easier for people to share jobs across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter while utilizing LinkedIn to set up profiles.

The platform has also been designed to help companies find the perfect candidates for their vacancies providing them with free access to our CV database, the ability to post vacancies both directly on individual profiles and through the search engine, and the option to link their website with ours to better manage the recruitment process.

Jade Saab

Jade Saab is the director and co-founder of Achieve. He has over 4 years of experience as a human resource generalist with local and multinational companies such as Deloitte, Booz & Co and Al-Mawarid Bank. Jade also consults with various NGO’s providing the yearly ‘Get Your Career On’ workshop, which constitutes a series of free career guidance workshops open for the public.

I have sent Jade Saab 5 questions about Achieve :

 1. Where did the idea come from and how did you go about funding?

Achieve as a brand has been around since September 10, 2011. Due to my experience in HR I started out coaching individuals on CV writing, Interview skills and other soft skills they might need in the workplace. We started scaling and started providing larger workshop based courses, partnering with NGO’s (Aie Serve, Loyac, Toastmasters, Rotaract club of Beirut) and universities (AUB, Haigazian), focusing greater on career guidance. The light bulb came late in 2012 as we were considering larger ways to scale and that’s when after a review of the market we decided to go online with a new job platform.

2. There are many free online job platforms online; what is your competitive edge?

Although there are many free and competitive online job platforms they tend to be focused on the recruiters and don’t help in managing the entire recruitment process but just the sourcing phase. Additionally we were able to identify 4 gaps all these websites posed. First of all, they are difficult to use, many of them bring around memories of Microsoft’s early .dos system so simplicity is something we were aiming for, both in design and use. This is best exemplified in the ability for job seekers to create a profile in 4 steps.

Something we also noticed is that other platforms weren’t accurate: job searches would return any number of irrelevant vacancies. To counter this, we shifted to a job field and job role set up where job field refers to larger job groups such as HR, accounting, design which one selected would allow individuals to also select their job role within that field such as recruiting, managerial accounting, web design respectively. Thus our job searches act as a matching process as opposed to the normal text search.

Thirdly is profile centricity: one place to manage the entire job hunting experience with feedback from the online job market with number of jobs available, where they are and in what industries. Having this profile means that job vacancies directly come to you and you don’t need to search for them every time you log in or visit our website.

Finally is the ability to track your applications and this is due to the free Recruitment Management System (RMS) we are providing to companies. Pretty much what this means is that every company can set up the number of recruitment steps needed to reach their ideal candidate i.e. shortlisting, interview 1, psychometric test, final interview. This can be programed for every job vacancy created where they can receive all applicants and then sift them out using our RMS. This will allow applicants on the other side to follow their application process step by step.

3. According to the description, the system seems to concentrate around LinkedIn. Why is that?

LinkedIn is the “the world’s largest professional network” as they advertise it. Almost no one working or looking for a job does not have a profile on there, even most of our parents are on there (although they might not be sure what for) integrating our website with linked in falls into our strategy of simplicity and the want to reduce the number of steps needed to create a profile. So instead of uploading a CV and filling out a bunch of text boxes, simply log in with a linked in credentials and all the information is imported from there.

4. Nowadays, more and more people are working in several different fields. Example: I have experience in HR, digital marketing and photography. How would your system help me in this regards?

This actually falls back to the issue of accuracy. Job seekers can select various job fields and roles which will be saved in their profile, so once they log in, they will be receiving all vacancies relevant to their selections!

5.What is the process from a job seeker’s & from a recruiter’s side?

As said before the job seeker needs to go through 4 steps to create their profile and search for vacancies. Once they access the website they need to

  1. Select the country(ies) they would like to work in,
  2. Select their career level,
  3. Select the job field and role,
  4. Optionally select any industry they prefer.

This will take them to a search result page. To apply to any jobs they will need to log in by simply adding their linked in credentials which will take them to their profile. From there they can search for jobs, track their applications and get market statistics.

Employers also get a profile and get to benefit from market statistics on where the talent currently is. To set up their profile they just need to fill up a company description, logo and have a contact available for us.

Once they have a profile they get to go through our CV database for free, paying only to reveal the personal information of the profiles they are interested in, and also get the change to set up any job vacancies or purchase any of our “tailored solution” packages. This model allows a pay per use policy so companies are free form “packaged deals” and allows any company to easily set up their profile with no assistance from our end.

 For more information about Achieve you can:

– Visit their Website
– Join their group on LinkedIn
– Check their Facebook Page
– Follow them on Twitter

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