Please, help me find these puppies forever loving homes

It’s been on my social media channel a couple of times already. The story of Tasha, the mixed shepherd dog I found on the street tied by the feet in a really bad shape back in June.

It took a whole week to gain her trust and connect with her. When I took her to spay her, I was told that she was pregnant and due in a couple of weeks. I had 2 choices:

  1. Make her abort
  2. Let her give birth

I had a headache. I was to make a decision on behalf of Tasha. The puppies were fully formed. I saw them in the echo that was performed and heard their heart beating. I did not make her abort.

On 25th of July, Tasha gave birth to gorgeous puppies. A moment I will never forget. From 3 pm till 7 pm, I was with her all time trying to support her as much as I could. It was tough.

Today, these healthy 2.5 month old babes are ready for adoption should you or any one you know be interested. I already called the NGOs for help but it seems that people do not like to adopt mixed breeds. Sorry, I did not plan not having a Chihuahua with a pedigree.

But one thing is for sure: mixed breeds have unique personalities, they are smarter and more likely to be healthier to live longer (I do not want to generalize).

Thing is having many dogs is a handful and I won’t be able to keep up with their needs on the long run. I would appreciate any help I can get in order to find a suitable win-win permanent solution before the upcoming winter.

They are already great watchdogs for only 2.5 month old puppies…

And this is what they look like; each one of them has his/her own personality:

Female. Diva character and very sweet. – ADOPTED

Female. Has longer coat and is bigger in size than the rest. Playful. If she is sleeping, she is sleeping, don’t bother. – ADOPTED

Male. Playful and loves to cuddle.- ADOPTED

Male. High on energy and very playful – ADOPTED

Male. Has a bigger skull. Calm when alone with an alpha attitude. – ADOPTED

And this is Tasha; she is medium size, still very young according to the vet. has one light brown eye and one dark brown eye. Neutering is next for her.

Thank you!


October 12: “Has longer coat and is bigger in size than the rest. Playful. If she is sleeping, she is sleeping, don’t bother.” female now named Lady in her new home with her new friend! I wish you a happy and beautiful long life with your new family Lady!

October 18: The “high on energy” male now named Khan has found a loving home and someone to take him on adventures. I wish you both the best friendship ever!

October 21: The big male, now named Max, found a great buddy and family to love him and take care of him! I wish you the best little one!

October 22: My little diva female, now named Stella, found a very nice family to grow with. I wish a lot of good moments with them!

October 24: The playful male who loves to cuddle found a friend for life! I wish you all years of joy and happiness with your new friend and family!


I would like to thank each and everyone of you contacted me showing passion, dedication, love, honesty and interest in these little souls.

Special thanks to their adopters; I hope they bring you all the love, loyalty and surprises. You are all good people deserving the best life has to offer.

Thank you for existing! You have restored my faith in humanity and thank you for giving my beautiful puppies forever loving homes!

6 thoughts on “Please, help me find these puppies forever loving homes

  1. did a wonderful job.And the presentation is so professional.
    Sharing it on APAF dear.any phone number members can call?
    Let me know,and where are they located,i mean which region?
    Thank you.

  2. Rita what a wonderful job u did. u have a big heart not easy taking in Tasha saving her and talking care of her while pregnant …. now taking care of her puppies. I have, Shadow, a 3 month old male Pointer Labrador mix. If you still have a male puppy for adoption i will be happy to add it to my family. Thanks

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